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Welcome to Libra Baby

We are a small family-run business based in Cornwall UK, founded by a Mum of three girls, who experienced multiple breastfeeding struggles. Those struggles inspired the creation of Libra Baby.

Some of our Brands

Sneak Peak at some of our Favourites

The Ultimate Pumping Bundle

The BabyBuddha Single & Double breast pump is incredibly light and worn around your neck with the supplied lanyard. It's more powerful than a hospital grade pump at 320mmHg.

The YouHa Collection Cups are affordable and discreet, fitting within your bra so that you don't have to use the traditional hanging bottles.

The LaVie Heated Massagers help with letdown and milk flow, allowing to you empty in a fraction of the time and also aiding in the increase of milk supply.

These three items together are what Libra Baby feel is the Ultimate Pumping Bundle. :)

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The BabyBuddha Pump

Unparalleled Power in a Tiny Package

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