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LaVie Warming Lactation Massage Pads

by LaVie
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Increase Milk Flow and Emptying

This innovative breastfeeding product by LaVie is a must have for any new mum who is breastfeeding, be that pumping to feed her baby, feeding her baby directly at the breast, or a combination of both!  Not only will this product help you to massage your breasts while feeding due to it's vibrations but they will also provide heat!  Those two combined have been reported to double milk output in half the time, and also shift the fattier milk at the end of a feed.

Breastfeeding Ailments

A lot of women use it to help release clogged ducts, relieve mastitis and prevent engorgement. 

Apply gentle pressure and vibration to the affected breast, and you should find your breasts empty faster and more completely, thus aiding in boosting your milk supply or relieving engorgement.


Shown to be more effective than a hand pump, hand massaging and other techniques used to increase milk flow, this amazing little product should achieve an even better outcome!

Anytime Anywhere

These heat pads are designed to comfortably fit any breast size, shape and position and has built in rechargeable batteries.  They include two heat modes, and can be used with or without vibration, and visa versa!  Fully customisable to fit your needs, they are designed with BPA Free and soft medical grade materials.  Use them even when you are out in public because you can place them in your bra.