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TensCare Perfect Mama Plus For Lactation and Labour

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For Breastfeeding and Increasing Milk Supply

A Tens Unit can provide stimulation much like a baby does.  The electrical currents stimulate the nerves in your breast and contract the milk ducts, stimulating the release of prolactin (the hormone responsible for your milk production).  If you use it continually, it is believed that you will stimulate and grow new milk tissue to assist in producing milk.

A Tens Machine with breast electrodes can also aide in speeding up your milk coming in after the birth of your baby.

For replacement Breast Electrode Pads for Lactation and Toning click here.

For Labour Pains and Linger Post Birth Pains

  • NATURAL PAIN RELIEF: the Perfect Mama+ utilises TENs technology which has been used to relieve pain worldwide. Using adhesive electrodes it is a great alternative, or used in conjunction, with epidural to help relieve pain during labour
  • BOOST PAIN RELIEF: the Mama+ comes with 3 programmes as well as an integrated boost button which provides additional pain relief during contractions
  • LABOUR LOG AND CONTRACTION TIMER: this measures the duration and intervals of contractions, letting you know the progress of labour
  • OPEN CIRCUIT DETECTION: your confidence in using the Mama+ is key. that is why we've implemented safety features to give you this confidence. The open circuit detection will cause the unit to return to an intensity of 0, if it sense the electrode coming away from the skin. This is to avoid any nasty shocks and allows you to get the pain relief you need.
  • POST CHILD BIRTH: this product can be used post child birth the help with any lingering pains you may be suffering from. It also comes with breast electrodes which can help initiate lactation.

What's Included

  • 1 Perfect Mama+ unit
  • 4 E-CM50100-PM electrodes
  • 4 E-CMR60130 breast electrodes
  • 2 Lead wires (L-CPT)
  • 2 AA batteries
  • 1 detachable belt clip
  • 1 Neck cord
  • 1 storage pouch and set of instructions

TensCare Perfect Mama+

Pain relief during labour with contraction timer and labour log

The TensCare Perfect Mama+ utilises TENS technology, which has been used by millions of pain sufferers worldwide to reduce their pain. With this in mind, it has been adapted, with tailor made programmes, to help reduce pains experienced during pregnancy and labour. Providing a great natural alternative to medication and epidural.

The device also comes with a labour log and contraction timer. allowing you to measure the duration and intervals of contractions, showing you how labour is progressing.

We also understand that everyone feels pain differently and may experience it differently during labour. that is why the device also has a "boost" button, to provide greater pain relief when it is needed most.

Furthermore, within the box, you'll also receive some breast electrodes which can help with initiating lactation.




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