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BabyBuddha Double and Single Maximum Strength Battery Powered Electric Breast Pump - UK Stock - 320 mmHg

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The BabyBuddha is the smallest portable battery operated pump on the market; hands-free, lightweight, portable and powerful, it gives you the freedom to pump how, where and when you choose.  


There have been three BabyBuddha versions. 

  • Version 1.0 is the very first pump BabyBuddha released - super strong! 
  • Version 1.5 is a slightly gentler version than version 1.0. 
  • Version 2.0 is BabyBuddha's 2024 released version, which now includes an additional setting, lowering each level in stimulation mode by 20% while maintaining the top end strength for moms who like that power.  This adjustment increases the suction power range from 53-320 mmHg.  They have also reduced the long pull suction strength by 20% in stimulation mode.  These changes should satisfy even the most sensitive users.


The BabyBuddha has been designed with busy mums in mind. There are no complicated controls, it is super lightweight and truly portable.

It can be charged with any standard USB cable port and all its components are compatible with other market-leading brands, so you can create the perfect pumping partnership for your needs.

It has also been designed to be discreet and safe, with a quiet pumping mechanism, 100% BPA-free construction and a closed system to prevent milk contamination.

You can find out more about this amazing pump below. 


Even though it is tiny, the BabyBuddha is also mighty. In fact, the BabyBuddha Double and Single Electric Breast Pump has a suction strength of 320 mmHg, making it the strongest, battery-powered pump currently on the market.  

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*A hospital-grade pump is typically between 300-350mmHG.


The BabyBuddha offers so much for busy mums. It provides: 

  • PORTABLE AND COMPACT PUMPING: the BabyBuddha double and single electric nursing pump is conveniently small and can be hung around your neck using the lanyard provided. Coupled with a pumping bra or bought as a bundle with Collection Cups, you can enjoy the freedom of hands-free pumping.
  • SINGLE AND DOUBLE PUMP OPTIONS:  The pump comes with a T-connector to enable you to seamlessly swap between single and double pumping at the flick of a switch, without any need to unplug or change your setup.
  • EXTRA-QUIET OPERATION: This powerful machine has been fitted with an impressively quiet mechanism that makes for discreet and silent pumping. 
  • HYGIENIC DESIGN: The BabyBuddha comes with a closed system to ensure milk doesn’t flow backwards and get contaminated. The BabyBuddha infant breastfeeding pump is also 100% BPA-free to keep the integrity of the expressed milk intact.
  • FLEXIBLE FLANGE SIZING:  The BabyBuddha comes with a pair of 24mm flanges/breast shields.  However, if you need a smaller size you can get inserts from here; it is also compatible with all market-leading flanges. 
  • COMFORT: The pump comes with a soft cushion that mimics a baby’s lips, an anti-backflow design that eliminates the need to lean forward while expressing, and multiple modes to massage the breast and suction the milk to help reduce any discomfort while pumping. 
  • SIMPLICITY OF USE: The BabyBuddha has a simple trackball on the electric breastfeeding pump, allowing you to easily navigate through the stimulate and suction modes. This wearable breastfeeding pump machine is also rechargeable with any USB power cable.
  • ACCESS TO EXPERTS: The BabyBuddha pump is backed by an amazing staff of licensed lactation consultants to help ensure your journey is successful. If you are having difficulties, please reach out to their customer service team as they would love to help.
  • POWER: This little pump has a suction strength of 320 mmHg, making it the strongest suction on the market (at this time) for any battery-operated and portable breast pump.  See our comparison chart above.
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