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LacTeck SleepyMommy - Pump While Lying Down - 3rd Generation

by LacTeck
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  • These SleepyMommy Adapters help exhausted Mom's who need to pump in the middle of the night do so while lying down. They are also super handy for pumping while driving! They connect to your flanges on one end and then onto your bottles on the other, allowing you to place your bottles safely next to you. :)
  • Benefits: Sleep during midnight pumps, Lay down instead of sitting up while pumping, better flange seal due to detachment of heavy milk bottles
  • Compatible with: LacTeck BabyMotion soft flanges, Compatible with Medela, Lansinoh and Hygeia Pumps. Can be used with Spectra pumps with an adapter.
  • Contains: Two SleepyMommy adapter sets, Two replacement tubings & One cleaning syringe
  • Breastfeeding is beautiful. Let's make it easier!

SleepyMommy Adapters allow you to pump while laying down. If you would like to use them while driving, please also get the long replacement tubing.

- BPA free
- Food Grade Materials

Compatible with BabyMotion Flanges and two-piece plastic Medela and Lansinoh flanges. Please see FAQ section on the SleepyMommy Adapter Page for how to use with Spectra pumps. We suggest getting the Large diameter replacement tubing (on our store page) as well if you have a strong/fast milk letdown.

Improvements with 2nd Generation

  • The 2nd Generation SleepyMommy has a larger opening to ensure faster milk flow and less milk pooling.
  • It also has an added handle and adjusted openings on the small adapter to allow easier removal.
  • There is an increase in tubing size for easier cleaning and longer tubing for more flexibility.