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LacTeck UK BabyMotion Flanges 12-27mm

by LacTeck

Transform your Pumping session into a Nursing session!  Lacteck's BabyMotion flanges mimic's baby's suckling which in turn stimulates your letdown.  They are soft and comfortable and compatible with major pumps.  It is easy to centre your nipple in the flange!

BabyMotion Flange has been developed based on the biomechanical study of nursing babies.  The flange compresses the nipple and areola during a pump session, maximising milk expression - just like a baby!



Q: How to use the BabyMotion Flange?
A: The flange is used as any regular breast pump flange. However, because it's soft, it will "absorb" some vacuum so you may need to turn your pump up a little bit. When using, please insert tightly into the connector to ensure a good seal.

Q: Which breast pumps are the BabyMotion Flange compatible with?
A: The flange is directly compatible (no adapters needed) with most Medela, Lansinoh, and Hygeia pumps.

To use with Spectra or Motif pumps, please refer to this Spectra and Motif Hack. To use with Willow pump, please refer to this Willow Hack. To use with Freemie cups, please refer to this Freemie Hack. To use with Spectra cups, please refer to this Spectra Cup Hack. You can also use it with Baby Buddha pump by using a Medela connector and a long-stem backflow protector.

Q: How to use the BabyMotion Flange with Spectra pumps?
A: Please refer to this hack for ways of using BabyMotion Flanges with Spectra pumps.

Q: What size of BabyMotion Flange should I get?

A: If you don't have elastic nipples, you can order the same size as your best-fit plastic flanges. If you have elastic nipples, we suggest ordering one size down from your best-fit plastic flanges. Please note that the BabyMotion Flange has a different design than regular plastic flanges so sizing is not directly comparable. If you have additional questions, please email

Q: Does the BabyMotion Flange work if I have elastic breast tissue?
A: Elastic breast tissue absorbs a lot of vacuum from the pump, which means less vacuum left to make the BabyMotion window on our flanges move like a baby's tongue. However, our soft flanges are still more comfortable than the hard plastic ones if you are just looking for comfort.

Q: Why is the BabyMotion Flange so heavy?
A: The flange is heavy because we have to ensure that the breast pump efficiency is not compromised when using a soft material like silicone. Because it's heavy, please make sure to disconnect the flange first once done pumping to prevent bottle from tipping over and losing precious breast milk.

Q: How to clean the BabyMotion Flange?
A: Before first time use, wash with warm soapy water and steam for 3 minutes to sterilize. Afterwards, simply wash with warm soapy water and air dry. It's ok to sterilize with steam but we do not recommend frequent steaming as slight discoloration may occur. Please download the product instruction for more information.

Q: Why does my BabyMotion Flange fall off the connector?
A: Most likely due to it not being inserted tightly. Please use a twisting motion to insert it all the way into the connector. Please refer to this instruction for more details on how.

It could also happen when there is residual milk/oil left on the flange or the connector. We recommend using warm soapy water to thoroughly wash both parts.

Q: Can I place my BabyMotion Flange in the fridge between pumps?
A: No. We don't recommend it because they will be cold and attract moisture once taken out of the fridge, making them slippery and hard to stay on the connector.

Q: Can I use coconut oil or other lubricants with the BabyMotion Flange?
Yes, although we suggest washing the oil/lubricant off with warm soapy water thoroughly after each pump.