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LaVie Lactation Massage Roller

by LaVie

Milk Flow Improvement

Massaging your breasts during breastfeeding and pumping is a very important part of maintaining milk flow.  This innovative lactation massage roller gives your hands a break from the hard work of hand massage, and with it's shape makes massage even more effective in milk removal.

Breastfeeding Ailments

Engorgement, Plugged ducts, breast redness, breast tenderness... If you're a breastfeeding mum this will sound familiar to most!  The LaVie Lactation Massage Roller aides in relieving pain caused by these breastfeeding ailments.

5 Ways To Use

This unique product is deigned to adapt to your needs as it has 5 different ways you can use it.  It is easy for all mothers to use, whether you are pumping or feeding at the breast.

Water Resistant and Safe

This Lactation Massager is designed with soft medical grade silicone and is BPA free and water resistant meaning you can use it in the shower if needed.


  • Empty more effectively
  • Improve milk flow and let-down
  • Reduce getting clogged ducts
  • Stimulate the breast
  • Medical grade silicone and BPA free

USEFUL TIP:  Did you know you can remove the rollerball section from the handle and then use your hand to provide an even deeper massage by pressing down with your hand and rolling the roller?