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BeauGen Cushions - Clearly Comfy v2 - Soft Silicone Breast Shield Inserts

by Beaugen

Made exclusively in the USA, Libra Health are authorised resellers of BeauGen cushions. 

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Have you heard of 'Elastic Nipples'?  You'd be surprised how common they are!  If you have elastic nipples then your breast tissue stretches more than it should when you are using a breast pump and this constricts your milk flow. 

Beaugen cushions are the answer to this problem and are also a thin layer of pillowy heaven between you and the hard plastic of your pump.  So they are not only for moms with elastic nipples, but for anyone who pumps regularly that would like a bit of extra comfort!  They fit inside your flanges as a soft layer that holds breast tissue back, preventing it from stretching too far.  They reduce pain and discomfort, enhance your pumping experience, and helps to create a customised fit.  They are soft and stretchy (1mm thick!) and provide a wonderful cushion between your sensitive nipples and your breastshield. 

We are selling the CLEAR version which allows you to better align your nipple within the cushion and flanges.  They are slightly firmer than the original opaque version and also slightly less sticky for easier insertion and removal from your flanges. 

They are compatible with most breast pump brands and accessories on the market, namely Spectra, Willow, Medela, Elvie, BabyBuddah, Lansinoh, Hygei, Evenflo, and many more!  Unfortunately they are not compatible with Pumpin' Pals.

One pair typically lasts a month (depending on how often you use them), and they are 100% recyclable.  They are able to conform to breast pump flange sizes 21-25mm, and drop the width of your flanges by 2mm so you may need to use a slightly bigger breastshield than normal when using them.  Due to their firmer material, they are not recommended for moms needing a fit of 26mm or larger.  They also do not fit into a 19mm or smaller flanges.  To achieve a 19mm fit insert Cleary Comfy Cushions into a 21mm flange.

If you choose to buy your BeauGen Cushions with the Storage Container, then you will also receive a metal tin storage container with lid which fits up to two cushions.  The container dimensions are 7.7 x 6.5cm, and 250 ml / 8.8 fl oz capacity.  The container is very useful if you ever need to take your pumping gear with you!

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