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BabyBuddha Breast Pump and YouHa Collection Cups Bundle 10-28mm

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  • New to the UK Market (incredibly popular in the USA!) this game changing breastfeeding bundle packs a punch like no other pump combo on Amazon. It combines the unbeaten power and portability of the BabyBuddha pump with the convenience, discreetness and comfort of YouHa collection cups worn within your bra. This hands free pumping bundle will revolutionise your pumping experience!

  • The BabyBuddha is tiny (12x3x4.5cm) and weighs 210g allowing it to comfortably be worn around your neck using the supplied lanyard. It is battery operated and gives you a full 1 hour of pump time with each charge but you can also use it while it’s charging. It can be used as a single or double pump just by flipping the switch on the tubing. On Amazon in the USA it has over 1100 reviews with almost a full set of 5 stars showing that it is well liked and often described as a game changer.

  • The pump has an innovative suckle that mimics your baby, and is a lean, mean sucking machine that many mums say empties them in half the time that other pumps do. At 320mmHg this pump is the strongest battery-operated pump on the UK market, alongside the Spectra S1 which is around 4x the size of the BabyBuddha.

  • One of our best UK Mum reviews: “STRONG and efficient pump – game changer…. Love my Buddha. Coupled with collection cups I’m now so portable when pumping. The suction is STRONG but so GOOD! I get let down a lot quicker and empty so much faster. It’s saved my pumping journey as I’ve been able to add in more pumps to build supply but pump for less time.”

  • The YouHa collection cups measure 12.5x12x16.5cm and fits into your bra. You don’t need a pumping bra, but you do need a bra that can extend to allow for the cups. Wearing them within your bra allows you to pump anywhere, at any time, and at any occasion. They hold up to 240ml/8oz of milk, are BPA free and are made of food grade silicone. The flanges are soft silicone for added comfort and can be used with Freemie and YouHa inserts, offering an astounding sizing range of 10mm up to 28mm.

  • To get the YouHa cups to work with the BabyBuddha simply remove the white adaptors on the end of the BabyBuddha tubing, and then push the tubes into the YouHa cups suction hole. YouHa cups are the same as Legendairy Cups, by the way! Spare parts available. BabyBuddha in the USA also stands behind their pump offering excellent support to UK Mums.


What's in each box?

 BabyBuddha Double & Single Breast Pump YouHa Collection Cups (also known as Legendairy Cups in the USA)*
  • BabyBuddha Smart & Rechargeable Breast Pump Unit (Black) with USB Charging Cable
  • Two (2) 24mm Flanges
  • Two (2) Sets of Duckbill Valves
  • One (1) Pair of Silicon Diaphragms
  • Two (2) Complete Bottle Sets
  • Two (2) Pump Covers
  • Three (3) Detachable Tubes (for easy cleaning)
  • Detachable Lanyard and Carrying Tote
  • 2x 24mm or 28mm silicone breast shield
  • 2x 8oz/240ml cups
  • 2x Membrane caps
  • 2x Membrane
  • 2x Valve bases
  • 4x Valves (2 spare)
  • 2x Tubing Adapter A & 2 x Tubing adapter B
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Y-shape Tubing
BabyBuddha Pump Box


*If you choose a size other than 24mm or 28mm then your order will also come with a sizing insert.