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Youha Wearable Collection Cups - Closed System - 18-26mm Inserts

by Youha
  • Food grade silicone material
  • BPA free
  • Sizes available: 18mm, 19mm, 22mm, 26mm
  • Easy for removal and installation
  • Can be sterilised by boiling or steaming
  • Expected usage time: Three months

These soft silicone inserts are for the Youha Wearable Collection Cups.  Please note that by buying these inserts you are only getting the inserts, not the collection cups.

IMPORTANT!  The 22mm and 26mm inserts work with the 28mm milk collection cups, and the 18mm and 19mm work with the 24mm milk collection cups.


If you need to go smaller than 18mm then please note that the MayMom Freemie Inserts also work with the YouHa collection cups.  They go as small as 10mm but need your YouHa breastshield to be the 24mm to fit properly.