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Sterile Feeding Tubes - 5FR - Breastfeed Infant Babies with Supplemental Nursing System (SNS)

by Argyle

It has become a lot more commonplace for mums to supplement their baby's feeding at the breast with either pumped milk or formula.  There are complete systems for this, but some mums prefer to create their own and these feeding tubes are ideal for that. 

Each feeding tube comes individually wrapped.

Feeding Tubes Only

Our 40cm length feeding tubes are:  Pediatric Nasogastric Feeding Tube, 5 Fr., 41 cm Polyurethane, Sterile, sold as 50/Case by Kangaroo brand, Covidien 460802, , Sterile, CE Marked

Our 50cm length feeding tubes are:  Nutricare Infant Clear - Nasogastric Feeding Tube, Polyurethane with ENFit ISO 80369-3 connector - Up to 90 days use, Sterile, CE Marked

Our 75cm length feeding tubes are:  Carefeed Enteral Feeding Tube with ENFit ISO 80369-3 Connector, Sterile, CE Marked

Homemade SNS System

Some mums find it easier buying an already bundled package for a homemade SNS System, using Tommee Tippee bottles.  Click the image below, or click here to view this bundle.