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Maymom Breast Shield for Spectra, Tubing, Backflow Protector and Valve for S1/S2 (SINGLES) by Maymom

by Maymom
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  • SUITABLE FOR MOTHERS BORN WITH TWO NIPPLES OF DIFFERENT SIZES: Not Original Spectra Parts. Incl 1 Flange, 1 Valve, 1 Backflow Protector and 1 Tubing. Why selling only ONE-side? Not every mother was born with two nipples of the same size. With this listing, a mother can buy one size of pumping kit for her individual nipple.
  • INTERCHANGEABLE WITH SPECTRA PARTS. All parts are interchangeable with Spectra Pump Parts of Spectra S1, Spectra s2, spectra s1plus and spectra s2plus. Can be used with Spectra flange, Spectra backflow protector, Spectra valve, and Spectra tubing. The flanges can only connect to WIDE MOUTH bottles like spectra bottle (wide mouth version), avent bottle, Motif Luna bottle and Maymom wide mouth bottle.
  • WORKS WITH WIDE-MOUTH BOTTLES ONLY. Use this kit with Spectra bottles, Avent bottles, and Maymom wide mouth bottles. DOES NOT work with OTHER WIDE NECK BOTTLES. CLOSED SYSTEM. No contact between milk and tubing.
  • IN RETAIL PACK. All parts can be sterilized with water steam or boiling water. Does not contain any BPA. Tested by independent labs for safety.