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Lansinoh Post-Birth Wash Bottle


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  • Includes wash bottle, spout and handy storage bag
  • Provides a gentle stream of cleansing water, even when using up-side-down
  • Easy squeeze bottle crafted from soft-touch material
  • Holds up to 360ml of water
  • Ergonomically designed with an angled spout to helps cleanse hard-to-reach areas
  • Includes collapsible spout and travel bag for easy transportation and discretion


Product code : LSH-HYG15

Following childbirth, the perineal area can be left stressed and tender. The Lansinoh Post-Birth Wash Bottle gently washes this sensitive area, soothing post-birth discomfort and diluting urine with a cleansing stream of water. This award-winning cleaning bottle can hold up to 360ml of water and can be easily used upside down, cleansing hard to reach areas with little fuss. Ergonomically designed, the collapsible spout and waterproof storage bag make it portable and discreet.

Fill the perineal cleaning bottle with warm water, screw the cap on securely then extend the nozzle firmly. While sitting on the toilet, place the bottle between your legs and aim the tip of the nozzle towards your perineal area. Squeeze gently while weeing, repeating as needed to clean the area.