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LacTeck FlexiBra - Pumping, Nursing & All Day Bra!

by LacTeck
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Tired of changing bras?  Who has time for that?  Meet Flexibra - easy access for nursing, can be tightened for pumping, and comfortable enough to wear all day long!



The FlexiBra is an all-in-one bra for everyday wear, nursing, and pumping so that you don't have to change bras.  Do you love the comfort of nursing bras but hate that you have to change into a tighter pumping bra?  The FlexiBra is designed to have adjustable tightness so that you can both nurse and pump in it.  It also has a mechanism to cover up for everyday wear.

What Size

 The FlexiBra comes in 6 sizes, outlined below.

What are People in the USA Saying?

It is very comfortable to wear all day and the fabric is very soft and lightweight. I really like the width of the shoulder straps. The hooks can be tightened for pumping and very convenient!
- Megan, Warren PA


It is very soft and smooth, and keeps cool when wearing it. The band is very adjustable and comfortable. A nursing mother could easily uncover one side with ease, while pumping on the other side if necessary. I also pumped wearing the bra and felt fairly secure. I am still only using the Willow wearable pump. It fit perfectly into the bra and felt secure. The pump session went great, and I was able to easily place and remove the pumps, as well as bend and move freely without feeling like the pumps would fall out.
- Erika, Broken Arrow OK

The FlexiBra is a unique pumping and nursing combo bra with customizable compression that is convenient and easy to alter. As an exclusive pumper, I appreciated the extra support for my flanges during a pump session, but also had the ability to unhook a clip for a more comfortable wear during the day.
- Hannah, Arvada CO

The FlexiBra is a rare workhorse with the structure and versatility to hold up to the regimen of an exclusive pumper. Given how frequently I need to pump - sometimes at home while working or doing housework and sometimes in the car on the go - I can’t tell you how helpful it is to have one bra that can handle it all. It works with different pumps and flanges and has become my go-to.
- Kara, Brookline MA