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Elvie Curve

by Elvie
Type: Breast Pump

Elvie's answer to the Haakaa!

The Elvie Curve is the daughter to the Elvie Pump.  It can be used as a pump, but is primarily there to catch any letdown from the breast you are not pumping/feeding from, with the added benefit of there being some extra suction to help the process along.  It has a natural suction for low effort expression, all in stylish comfort!

The Curve's improvement on the Haakaa is that there is far less chance of it being kicked out of place by your little one, and therefore far less chance of spilling any liquid gold.

Discreet, Wearable and Hands Free Expression

Just like the Elvie Pump the Curve is discreet, fits into your bra and is an excellent tool for when you are feeling full and need to relieve some pressure!  Instead of a battery operated pump the Curve applies suction naturally when you press the silicone pouch.  You can express up to 4 oz / 120ml of milk.


The Elvie Curve is BPA free, dishwasher safe, and made with food-grade silicone - perfect for both mother and baby.

90 Day warranty on Elvie Curve