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Flange Fitting / Breastfeeding Consultation with a Breastfeeding Expert

Type: Consultation

Are you a pumping mum who has some concerns about the size of your flanges/breastshields?  Sometimes rather than trying to figure things out yourself it helps to have an experienced person take a look and point you in the fight direction.

Incorrect flange sizes can have repercussions such as painful pumping and insufficient milk removal, which in turn leads to low milk supply.

Are you breastfeeding and struggling with milk supply, latching, painful nipples, tongue ties, transitioning from bottle to breast feeds, slow weight gain, oversupply, fussy or unsettled behaviour, reflux symptoms, feeding / sleeping patterns, returning to work, weaning, etc, then please select one of the IBCLC services.

Consultations would be online or over the phone.  Please note that if you book the telephone call then the expert won't be able to watch or assess your feeding/pumping technique.  If you need them to view what you are doing please make sure you book the VIDEO call.