Pumpin' Pals are angled breast pumping flanges that are shaped in such a way that they eliminate the constriction of milk ducts caused by the use of traditional flanges.  They promote better flow, reduce irritation to the nipple area and help users to sit back in a much more natural and comfortable position while pumping.

There are five sizes - X-Small, Small, Medium, Large & X-Large.  The two smallest sizes are made of soft silicone with Elast+Assist Technology (TM) which help moms who have elastic breast tissue get an improved milk flow.  They also come with  a pair of collar rings that aide in connecting the pliable silicone material to your pumping system.  The medium, large & x-large flanges are made with medical grade polypropylene.

They can be used with any hands free pumping system (including the hands free Pumpin Pal necklace) for the ultimate in productive and relaxed pumping.  They are effective in aiding in the prevention of mastitis and other breast infections that are caused by plugged ducts, and are especially effective for new moms and C-section moms.

You can buy them in a set of 3 sizes if you are not sure what size to go for or find that you require a different size per breast (or even if you need to change sizes mid-way through a pump session!).  Alternatively, you can buy single sets from us here at Libra Health.

These remarkable flanges work with Medela, Lansinoh and Hygeia connectors, and Spectra pump users (or those with wide mouth bottles) can use them with the Pumpin Pal Spectra adapters.  They are bisphenol A (BPA) free.  

To work out the size you may need, please visit Pumpin Pal's Sizing Quiz or search for a video on YouTube.  You can also see how to use the soft silicone flanges by browsing to these YouTube videos:

Using silicone PumpinPals with a hands free Bra
Putting a Soft Silicone (Small or X-Small) Pumping Pal Flange On

NOT DISHWASHER SAFE.  Returns not accepted.

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Pumpin' Pal Angled Breast Pump Flanges - Set of 3 - Small (XS, S & M)

Customer Reviews

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Mel Harris
Game changer

These are so comfortable to use. And perfect if you have elastic nipples.
My pumping has gone from 3oz per pump. To 5oz. At 4 weeks pp, 5 minute pumps 4 times a day!

I use on a spectra s1

Ian Breeze
Pumptastic 100%

Great product thank you the three sizes for each was a fantastic idea just no sure why the largest one is solid plastic.

Natalie Jones
So gutted these aren’t for me, don’t waste your money!

Spent so much on these and had high hopes for them working based on reviews, however they are so uncomfortable to put on, let alone use!! There are lots of videos online to help you put them on correctly, at first I thought it was just me but I’ve see they aren’t highly praised in many of the groups im in either. Have given them a good go and they’re just not worth it, especially for the hefty price tag. If you have a wide mouth bottle you need adapters as well, makes it so much more expensive. No returns of course. The sizes are so strange as well, it’s as if they need to do a mid-range size rather than these! Save your money and put it towards different, cheaper flanges, these are described as “game changing” but honestly just not worth it

Kaori Nakasone
This was by FAR the best product I bought this after about 2 months into �

This was by FAR the best product I bought this after about 2 months into my breast pumping journey. I have the medela pump. Tried lubricating the phlanges, tried fitting it at different angles, purchased 3 diff sizes...but still had bleeding issues. My areola kept on rubbing against it wrong and it would cause these microtears (almost like thin paper cuts) leading to bleeding and pink milk! My right breast is significantly smaller than my left breast which creates further issues. I purchased pumpin' pals after reading several blogs that suggested it. I use the blue one on the R, pink one on the L. Ever since I've NEVER pumped without them. I feel like it allows for a better grip and in addition from it being more comfortable, I get more milk (not like double the amt but at least 1-2 ounces more in each session than before). I highly suggest this to any moms that are struggling w the generic medela pumping parts! LOVE this product!!

Greg Carter
Amazing! These flanges completely changed my wife�s relationship with pumping

I can�t say enough great things about the Pumpin Pals XS and S silicone flanges!! Since switching to them a week ago my wife is pumping more milk and her supply is increasing. She was feeling discouraged about pumping for our baby and now we�re optimistic, encouraged, and not dreading returning to work.

We are the parents of a NICU baby who didn�t come home until she was four weeks old. This means my wife started her breastfeeding journey primarily by pumping. Even today (6 weeks postpartum) she is only allowed to breastfeed 2x per day. So while she�s not exclusively pumping, she�s �mostly pumping.�

She has very stretchy tissue and her nipple would expand into whatever flange size she was using. Over the course of our daughter�s hospital stay, she met with multiple lactation consultants who kept putting her in bigger and bigger flanges. It wasn�t working.

She had a few questions and called to speak with the company. We highly recommend this!! They are very helpful and knowledgeable and will do whatever it takes to make it right.

Another bonus... she was suffering from very painful vasospasms when using the flanges that came with my pump. Since using Pumping Pals, the vasospasms occur much less frequently, resolve more quickly, and happen with less intensity.

Pumping Pals are AMAZING!

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